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Family Law Blog

The Case of the Hidden Assets-How Do You Find Them? Part 1

There are four ways people traditionally hide assets: The person denies the existence of the asset; Assets are transferred to a third party; The person claims the asset was lost or dissipated; or The ...
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7 Tips for Dating When You're Newly Divorced

So we post a lot about what happens during a divorce but I thought some tips for those entering the deep waters of dating again might be helpful. Having watched way too many relationships fall apart ...
Continue reading "7 Tips for Dating When You're Newly Divorced" »

Financial Tips for Divorce After 50

Here are some tips for those divorcing after 50. While they are also important for younger people getting divorced these tips are critical for those that are over 50. Review estate planning documents. ...
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Computer Hacking and Divorce

To a suspicious spouse, Facebook, e-mail, and Skype may seem like a perfect place to find evidence for your divorce case. It also may land you in jail. During a divorce, never tamper with your ...
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Basics of International Divorce-Key Takeaways

You and your spouse live in different countries and you want to get divorced. First of all, make sure you consult with an attorney who handles only family law cases. You need someone who specializes ...
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Custody and Special Needs Children-What to Make Sure Your Attorney Knows

Have a child with special needs? Getting divorced or going through a custody case? Statistically, if you have a special needs child you are more likely to get divorced. Don't be hard on yourself ...
Continue reading "Custody and Special Needs Children-What to Make Sure Your Attorney Knows" »

Adult Children and Divorce

So often we talk about how to tell your minor children about divorce but we fail to address the adult children of divorce. So often, couples who wait until their children are grown to split up ...
Continue reading "Adult Children and Divorce" »

Obtaining the Best Evidence for Trial

You are engaged in a contested custody case and want to help your lawyer prepare for trial. How can you help your family law lawyer? Gather these three basic types of evidence: False statements. Get ...
Continue reading "Obtaining the Best Evidence for Trial" »

Factors That Need to be Considered in a Gray Divorce

What is a Gray divorce? One after age 50 of course. What special considerations should those going through a Gray divorce consider? Here is our list of topics that must be addressed in a Gray divorce: ...
Continue reading "Factors That Need to be Considered in a Gray Divorce" »

When Can I Deny Visitation?

A common question that gets asked a lot is when can I deny visitation? What follows are both what I would consider bad excuses for denying visitation and good reasons for denying visitation. Bad ...
Continue reading "When Can I Deny Visitation?" »

Taxes and Divorce - Common Questions Answered

1. Tax filing status-Should I/Can I file married or separate? Your filing status is determined based on your marital status as of December 31. Hence, the end of the year rush to push as many divorces ...
Continue reading "Taxes and Divorce - Common Questions Answered" »

Overcoming the Loneliness That Accompanies Divorce

Many a divorce client has experienced loneliness. If you haven’t yet then you likely will. Hopefully you won’t delve into drugs, alcohol or unhealthy relationships as a way to cope with ...
Continue reading "Overcoming the Loneliness That Accompanies Divorce" »

How to Talk to Your Divorce Attorney

The number one way that attorneys screw up their own practice is by not communicating with their client. Clients, on the other hand, particularly in divorce cases often don’t understand or know ...
Continue reading "How to Talk to Your Divorce Attorney" »

Why Can't We Share a Lawyer?

One lawyer cannot represent both the Husband and Wife in a divorce action. It is unethical. Imagine a pitcher also trying to play the position of catcher. It just can’t be done. What about my ...
Continue reading "Why Can't We Share a Lawyer?" »

The Top 10 Reasons why you shouldn't go to court

I know some of you won't like this post. You're thinking I'm not tough enough, I'm lazy, and I don't understand what you've been through. As your divorce lawyer, I've been ...
Continue reading "The Top 10 Reasons why you shouldn't go to court" »

The Football Draft of Divvying Up Household Goods

Having trouble dividing up your household goods? Try the good ole' football draft. Here is how it works: 1. Walk through the house and make a list of everything. 2. Each spouse independently puts ...
Continue reading "The Football Draft of Divvying Up Household Goods" »

How You Can Help the Person Getting Divorced

As a divorce lawyer, it's often not just the client that we deal with but the client's friends and family. Those well-intentioned friends and family often don't know how to help so ...
Continue reading "How You Can Help the Person Getting Divorced" »

I'm Divorced - Now What?

Now that you are divorced here is a checklist of items that you should make sure you take care of. These items relate only to property and debt and do not include custody or child support which is ...
Continue reading "I'm Divorced - Now What?" »

To All the Cheaters in the World-A Secret Message From Your Divorce Lawyer

Here is what your divorce lawyer isn't saying but wishes you knew when it comes to you cheating on your spouse: 1. We get it. You cheated. A lot of marriages fall apart for this reason. Quit ...
Continue reading "To All the Cheaters in the World-A Secret Message From Your Divorce Lawyer" »

Preparing for a Custody Case

So you think that you will be in court soon fighting over custody or child support. What should you be doing? Here are some things to think about that may help you: 1. Consider putting the kids in ...
Continue reading "Preparing for a Custody Case" »

Tips for Getting Along with the EX

Taken from Dr. Judith Ruskay Rabinor, Ph.D. here are some tips for developing a better relationship with your former spouse: 1. Create a vision of the family you want to create. You are no longer ...
Continue reading "Tips for Getting Along with the EX" »

What is a Temporary Order?

Temporary orders, also called pendente lite orders, are orders that are only in effect while your divorce or custody case is pending. Once final orders are made temporary orders go away. Either party ...
Continue reading "What is a Temporary Order?" »

Tips for Keeping the Marriage Together

So often I write about what to do when you get divorced and how to best handle situations that arise during the middle of the divorce. However, I came across an interesting post by Dan Pearce titled ...
Continue reading "Tips for Keeping the Marriage Together" »

Should I Be the First to File for Divorce?

The answer to this question is it depends. In some states the first person to file has a choice of more than one court. When determining what county in Missouri your case will be heard in is disputed ...
Continue reading "Should I Be the First to File for Divorce?" »

What is a Guardian ad Litem and Why Do I Have One?

A Guardian ad Litem is a licensed attorney appointed by the court to protect the interests of a minor child or children in a custody case. Guardian ad Litems are required to take additional classes ...
Continue reading "What is a Guardian ad Litem and Why Do I Have One?" »
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