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Family Law
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Family Law Blog

Really Bad Divorce Advice

We're so often telling clients (and readers) what to do that I thought it might be time to just give some really bad divorce advice. What follows are some tips and tricks that clients often come ...
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What Not to Wear in Court

If I didn't see both clients and attorneys wearing such crazy clothes in court this article would never have been written. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the client charged with ...
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To Take the Deposition or Not

Your attorney has asked for your input on whether to take depositions or not. Alternatively, your attorney has scheduled depositions and you know nothing about this process. You don't know, nor do ...
Continue reading "To Take the Deposition or Not" »

How to Be a Good Witness

Getting ready to go to court? Want some advice. Top courtroom strategies taken from Family Lawyer Magazine with my critique as a family law attorney added in for your benefit: No lies. No ...
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Emailing with Your Attorney

Communicating with your attorney is hard. We're busy. You're busy. Email seems like the easiest way to go but it isn't always effective. Here are some basic guidelines for emailing with ...
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Interstate Adoptions and the ICPC

If you want to adopt a child that currently lives in another state or that will be born in another state, you must comply with the Interstate Compact of the Placement of Children. The Interstate ...
Continue reading "Interstate Adoptions and the ICPC" »

Tips for Managing Holiday Time

1. Details are important. In order to avoid conflict, the more detailed the holiday schedule needs to be. The details of the parenting plan schedule should address: Who? What? Where? And How? This ...
Continue reading "Tips for Managing Holiday Time" »

When Should You Modify a Divorce Decree?

Reasons why you need a modification You are the paying parent but now your child lives with you Your income decreases substantially (unless you voluntarily quit your job) Your child's needs have ...
Continue reading "When Should You Modify a Divorce Decree?" »

So You're Getting Divorced and Your Kids Won't Talk to You

It's fairly common for parents who are divorcing to have a child who resists contact with them and doesn't want visitation. It is particularly common in situations where the child observed a ...
Continue reading "So You're Getting Divorced and Your Kids Won't Talk to You" »

How Not to Fight with Your Spouse

Sounds crazy doesn't it? A divorce lawyer telling you not to fight with your spouse. Time and again clients come in and they need to negotiate an agreement with the one person that they can't ...
Continue reading "How Not to Fight with Your Spouse" »

How To Put Your Finances Back In Order After a Divorce

I don't know anyone that comes out of a divorce in better financial shape than when they went into it but there are steps you can take post-divorce to get your financial affairs back in order. ...
Continue reading "How To Put Your Finances Back In Order After a Divorce" »

Are you a good co-parent? Take this test and find out.

So you think you're a good co-parent. It's your spouse who has the problem. Take this test and see how you do. Do you have open conversations with the parent of your child? In order to really ...
Continue reading "Are you a good co-parent? Take this test and find out." »

Dealing with Domestic Violence - What to Do if You are Thinking About leaving

Domestic Violence is a common problem that affects many women regardless of race, age, sexual orientation or financial status. It is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. It is something to take ...
Continue reading "Dealing with Domestic Violence - What to Do if You are Thinking About leaving" »

Top 10 Reasons for Getting Divorced

I thought it would be interesting to share the top ten reasons for divorce according to www.divorce.com and to share some thoughts on the same. See how many of these you can relate to: 1. Financial ...
Continue reading "Top 10 Reasons for Getting Divorced" »

Woman Jailed for Failing to Vaccinate Son in Michigan Was the Right Decision

If you've been reading the news lately then you've already seen the article about a woman in Michigan who was jailed for seven days for failing to have her nine-year-old son vaccinated. This ...
Continue reading "Woman Jailed for Failing to Vaccinate Son in Michigan Was the Right Decision" »

Breaking Up is Hard to Do....

…and same-sex couples who get married may have an especially tough time if they try to divorce. For all the discussion on same-sex marriage, you don't hear very much about what happens when ...
Continue reading "Breaking Up is Hard to Do...." »

Child Orders of Protection

A Child Order of Protection is similar to an Adult Order of Protection except that it is filed on behalf of the child, usually by a parent, to protect the child from physical, sexual or emotional ...
Continue reading "Child Orders of Protection" »

Columbia Family Law Group, LLC Selected as a 2017 Law Firm 500 Honoree

We at Columbia Family Law Group, LLC are thrilled to announce we have been selected as honorees for the Law Firm 500 award! This incredible accomplished highlights our firm's unbelievable and ...
Continue reading "Columbia Family Law Group, LLC Selected as a 2017 Law Firm 500 Honoree" »

What's The Big Deal with Dividing My Retirement Account?

Oftentimes the retirement account is the largest asset of the marriage to be divided. It is also an area where big mistakes are most often made with divorce lawyers and where clients simply just do ...
Continue reading "What's The Big Deal with Dividing My Retirement Account?" »

"Bird Nest" Custody Arrangements

"Bird nest" custody received a lot of attention in 2009 when Jon and Kate Gosselin from the show Jon & Kate Plus 8 announced their bird nest custody schedule. A bird nest custody ...
Continue reading ""Bird Nest" Custody Arrangements" »

Signs That Your Spouse May Be Hiding Assets in Your Divorce

It is very common for spouses to hide assets from one another during a divorce. I am often asked how to know if your spouse is hiding assets from you. Of course, the truth is that one may never really ...
Continue reading "Signs That Your Spouse May Be Hiding Assets in Your Divorce" »

The Emotions of Getting Divorced

Why is it so hard to get divorced? While we often talk about the business, financial, and legal aspects of getting divorced the emotions of getting divorced often get left out of the picture. Divorces ...
Continue reading "The Emotions of Getting Divorced" »

Divorce Aphorisms

To brighten your day we thought it would be fun to share some Divorce Aphorisms with you instead of just focusing on the nuts and bolts of what we do every day. Many of these aphorisms come from ...
Continue reading "Divorce Aphorisms" »

Consider a Lump Sum in Lieu of Alimony

Maintenance or alimony is money ordered or agreed to be paid to a spouse who does not have sufficient income on her own in order to be self-supporting. Maintenance depends on both the ability to pay ...
Continue reading "Consider a Lump Sum in Lieu of Alimony" »

When Does the Child Get to Decide?

I am often asked at what age a child gets to decide where they want to live in a custody situation. It surprises many clients to learn that there is no definitive age when the child gets to ...
Continue reading "When Does the Child Get to Decide?" »
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