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Blog Posts in 2014

Are payments in stock considered part of my income for child support purposes?

In a recent case decided by the Western District Court of Appeals the Court found that payment in stock may be included in a parent's gross income for determining child support when the stock ...
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Why College Kids need to keep their Parents informed

Missouri law surrounding payment of child support and college expenses for children between the ages of 18-21 is confusing. What we do know is that in order for a child to continue receiving child ...
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Hey Dad--Get a Step Down Child Support Order

What is a step down child support order? A step down child support order is an order that applies to child support being paid for multiple children. The order specifically states that as the oldest ...
Continue reading "Hey Dad--Get a Step Down Child Support Order" »

Can my spouse receive part of my stock options in our divorce?

Stock options can often be valuable assets that come up in the midst of property division in a divorce. The leading case on stock options in Missouri is Warner v. Warner, 46 S.W. 3d 591 (Mo. App. W.D. ...
Continue reading "Can my spouse receive part of my stock options in our divorce?" »

Can my spouse get half of my severance package?

While severance packages are not that common they do come up in divorce cases from time to time. Under Missouri law the answer to whether a spouse can get half of a severance package is based on what ...
Continue reading "Can my spouse get half of my severance package?" »

Statistics related to Mediation

These statistics were compiled by Top Counseling Schools.org, divorce.usu.edu, census.gov, mediate.com, divorceinfo.com, ncronline.com and mckinleyirvin.com. Nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce. ...
Continue reading "Statistics related to Mediation" »

Can I Get All the Property in My Divorce?

We often hear stories about how one spouse received all of the assets in his or her divorce. Things like "she really took him to the cleaners" or "he was lucky to get the shirt on his ...
Continue reading "Can I Get All the Property in My Divorce?" »

The risks of paying maintenance or alimony in Missouri

Maintenance, called alimony in some states, may be a key factor in your divorce case. In order to award maintenance the court must find that your spouse lacks sufficient property, including marital ...
Continue reading "The risks of paying maintenance or alimony in Missouri" »

What about all of those bills my ex won't reimburse me for?

So you have an order that provides each of you are to pay half of uncovered medical bills, co-pays, extracurricular activities, school supplies, college expenses, etc. but your former spouse ...
Continue reading "What about all of those bills my ex won't reimburse me for?" »

The Red Flags of Parental Abduction

With today's mobile society the Department of State identifies the following "red flags" or signs of risk as they relate to parental abduction. It may be a "red flag" if a ...
Continue reading "The Red Flags of Parental Abduction" »

Tips for Clients Entering the Courtroom

Recently I was in court in the middle of a hearing when the judge called for a brief recess. She called opposing counsel and I back to her office and then proceeded to let us know what she thought ...
Continue reading "Tips for Clients Entering the Courtroom" »

Tips for Giving a Deposition in Your Divorce Case

What is a deposition? A deposition is giving verbal testimony under oath, usually in front of a court reporter. Lawyers take depositions to gain information, get you to admit certain facts, size you ...
Continue reading "Tips for Giving a Deposition in Your Divorce Case" »

What Is a Guardian Ad Litem and Why Do I Have One?

What is a Guardian ad Litem? A Guardian ad Litem is a licensed attorney appointed by the court to protect the interests of a minor child or children in a custody case. State law and local court rules ...
Continue reading "What Is a Guardian Ad Litem and Why Do I Have One?" »

Can I get an annulment in Missouri?

Most clients are confused about what an annulment is and whether they can get one. First of all, religious annulments are granted through the Catholic Church. Religious annulments are a completely ...
Continue reading "Can I get an annulment in Missouri?" »

Uncontested Divorces in Missouri

Most of you think you have an uncontested divorce but you don't. What is an uncontested divorce? It means you agree on absolutely everything. For the most part, very few divorcing couples agree on ...
Continue reading "Uncontested Divorces in Missouri" »

Help! I need maintenance.

So you need maintenance or alimony. Perhaps you have been a stay at home mom for many years. Maybe you are underemployed while your spouse earns a substantial income. Where should you start? Start ...
Continue reading "Help! I need maintenance." »

Surrogacy Agreements in Missouri

Missouri is one of 30 states that has unclear or conflicting laws about surrogacy. Missouri law does not deal directly with the issue of surrogacy. The concern is that because the law is unclear, ...
Continue reading "Surrogacy Agreements in Missouri" »

Same Sex Custody Issues

We know that right now Missouri does not recognize same sex marriage, so where does that leave same sex couples when it comes to determining custody and visitation? Better yet, where does that leave ...
Continue reading "Same Sex Custody Issues" »

What You Should Expect from Your Attorney

Many people going through a family law case have never worked with an attorney before. They have no idea what to expect of their attorney. This can create problems when one party has a good attorney ...
Continue reading "What You Should Expect from Your Attorney" »

What to Tell the Children About Divorce

It is often easy to get stuck in your own feelings about the divorce and what you are going through. What follows is a checklist of what your children want to know about the divorce: What happens next ...
Continue reading "What to Tell the Children About Divorce" »

Story to Watch: Womb Transplants

A story has been circulating since January 13, 2014 about womb transplants in Sweden. Here's what we know: Nine women in Sweden now have wombs in their once barren bellies. Who put what where? The ...
Continue reading "Story to Watch: Womb Transplants" »
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