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Grandparents' Rights

Columbia Family Law Attorney Helps Grandparents Maintain Relationships

As a grandparent, you have rights to see and interact with your grandchildren. After all, your legacy lives on in the form of a child - you have the right to maintain a relationship with them! At Columbia Family Law Group, LLC, we understand that when you are seeking enforcement of visitation, you may be feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Many people feel uncomfortable legally contesting their own children in order to gain access to grandchildren. You should never navigate the Missouri legal system alone and when you work with Columbia Family Law Group, LLC, you will never have to because we understand how important caring for your grandchildren is. Our trusted and highly experienced Columbia divorce attorneys stand ready to provide you with the legal counsel that you deserve.

In the state of Missouri, grandparents can seek visitation with their grandchildren if one or both parents have denied visitation either because of divorce or disagreement. As long as the grandparents have been denied visitation for at least 90 days, they can seek legal counsel to ensure that they are provided the visitation they deserve. Natural birth parents of children can also work with our firm to protect their right to deny visitation if they fear the interaction may be dangerous or detrimental to the child. Whatever specific legal concern you are facing, working with Columbia Family Law Group, LLC can help. We will thoroughly review your case, your family dynamic and the specifics of the visitation requirements and develop a personalized legal strategy for you and your family.

Working with Columbia Family Law Group, LLC

At Columbia Family Law Group, LLC, we take the child's best interest to heart. We understand that each situation is unique and that no two cases will ever be the same, which is why we work to implement the best possible strategies to ensure that you reach an amicable resolution. With the guidance of our professional and experienced team, you may be able to reach a favorable outcome. Our attorneys will also provide you with information regarding mediation or, in some circumstances, adoption or guardianship for grandchildren. If you have questions or concerns regarding your legal situation, do not hesitate to contact a Columbia grandparents' rights attorney from Columbia Family Law Group, LLC today!

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