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Guardianships in Missouri

Columbia Family Law Attorneys Understand Your Needs

Most people assume that guardianships are kept solely for the purpose of placing children into the care of adults; however, guardianships can be established for elderly individuals as well. Guardianships can be highly beneficial to individuals and provide peace of mind to family members in knowing that their loved ones are being looked after when they are no longer able to look after themselves. When a guardian is appointed, the person that they are watching over is known as the ward. A guardian's supervision of a ward is often monitored by a court system to ensure that all parties benefit from the relationship. At Columbia Family Law Group, LLC, we help families in establishing guardianships as well as offer guidance to guardians after they have been legally appointed a ward. If you have questions about your situation, we encourage you to contact a Columbia divorce attorney from our team.

Guardianships for children are often established by the parents to ensure that their children are looked after in the event that the parents pass away or become incapacitated and no longer able to care for minor children. A guardianship can also be appointed by a court if a child is deemed in danger by an abusive family. The court-appointed guardianship can ensure that the child is safe without having to place them into a foster home. For elderly individuals, wills and trusts will often appoint a guardian who will take over an incapacitated individual's wealth, assets and property and ensure that their medical care and wishes are carried out in the twilight of their life. Guardianships can sometimes be abused by an individual, and working with an attorney can help protect your family and friend. Likewise, our team of trusted professionals can provide newly appointed guardians with the legal counsel that they need to ensure a beneficial guardian-ward relationship.

Dedicated Legal Counsel in Missouri

At Columbia Family Law Group, LLC, we stand ready to provide families with representation for all of their family law needs. We know that this time in your life may be overwhelming and advancing across the legal hurdles you may encounter is important to you. When you work with a Columbia guardianship attorney from our firm, you can be assured that your case will be in good hands. With 24 years of combined experience, we have been able to provide numerous clients with positive outcomes for their specific situations. Columbia Family Law Group, LLC's legal professionals understand that your family is important to you and their future deserves to be protected. Contact our team now to learn more about guardianships and determine if establishing one may be right for you!

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