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Lotto jackpot winner found to be delinquent on child support

After a 44-year-old New Jersey man won his state's Powerball jackpot prize of $338 million, it was revealed that he was delinquent on child support payments. According to the sheriff's office of Passaic County, the overdue support payments dated back to 2009, and they totaled a grand sum of about $29,000. The sheriff also revealed that the New Jersey Lottery Division generally satisfies such of judgements prior to disbursing the prizes to their winners.

The authorities visited the man's apartment one day after he picked up a lump-sum check for $152 million, but nobody came to the door upon their arrival. The Passaic County Sheriff also said that the man may be arrested until his warrant is satisfied. The corner store where the winner formerly worked was found to be listed for sale, and the exact identities of which of his five children are eligible for support payments is as yet unknown.

Like those in states such as New Jersey, Missouri family courts may order that overdue child support payments be automatically deducted from a parents' wages on a monthly basis. Although this is a last-resort method, it can be an effective way to obtain payments from parents who decide not to uphold their agreements.

Still, it can be difficult to predict how much child support will be necessary for maintaining a healthy home environment for one's children. Unexpected expenses associated with medical care or education may leave custodial parents with unsustainable financial responsibilities and serious stress, and the same burdens can manifest when the other party defaults. Many parents solicit legal assistance prior to going through their divorces in order to avoid such situations.

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