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The changing face of divorce and its impact on women

In Missouri and across the country, there was a time when most men earned more than their wives, so women going through a divorce would often ask for spousal support. While this continues to be the norm, it is slowly changing along with the work force. It is estimated that in 16 percent of dual-income households, the woman earns more than her partner. There is also a growing trend of women who have more personal assets than their husbands, and these women may have different needs in the event of a divorce.

Prenuptial agreements are important for any spouse who has more assets, regardless of gender. This agreement protects one's assets and determines what will be considered marital property during theproperty division that is part of the standard divorce process. Experts encourage women to keep some of their money separate to maintain some level of financial independence and control. They also recommend divorce-proofing a business with a prenuptial agreement or a domestic asset protection trust that will keep the spouse's business separate from marital assets. There are also buy-sell agreements and other types of trusts that can be used to help protect a business as well.

If you are in a happy marriage, then you may not want to take any of these steps. It may seem like you are planning for your marriage to fail, and you may be concerned that your spouse will be insulted if you do. Women who are engaged to be married may be nervous about setting these safeguards in place for fear of offending the person they love.

However, it is important to take these steps. Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common and accepted. A Missouri family law lawyer may help draft a prenuptial agreement that will help protect your inherited assets, items of sentimental value and even your business.

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