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Understanding mediation can help keep divorce on track

Missouri residents who decide to divorce generally want proceedings to go quickly, and many seek help from a divorce lawyer to go through the process of dissolving a marriage. Individuals who hope to reduce the length of time it can take to obtain a divorce might consider choosing divorce mediation instead of going through a traditional litigated divorce.

The divorce process involves more than ending a marriage. There are properties and other assets to divide, alimony and child support to determine, and child custody and visitation to decide. Both parties need to disclose all pertinent information so that lawyers have the facts to formulate settlements and agreements. For a litigated divorce, the lawyers file motions and documents for issues with the court that has jurisdiction, and then they must wait for a certain number of days for a response in each instance before moving ahead. In contrast, the parties only focus on areas of dispute in a mediated divorce.

The choices made during the divorce process can help ensure that it progresses more quickly and smoothly. Since the parties are not getting along to begin with, they often do not want to cooperate on disputes over details such as settlements, custody, alimony and child support.

However, disputes can make a divorce take substantially longer and cost more money in court and legal fees. With a litigated divorce, the attorney cannot reduce the time that the court system requires. Using a family law attorney for a mediated divorce allows the parties to have more control over the process, which can help to save a lot of time and money.

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