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Judge denies Usher's ex-wife temporary custody

Missouri residents might be interested to hear that a judge dismissed a motion filed by Usher's ex-wife seeking temporary custody of their son. According to the judge, even though the 5-year-old boy was injured in a swimming pool incident, that alone did not meet the criteria of an emergency or crisis situation that required his children to be taken away from him. According to the boy's mother, the child is still in the hospital, but he is doing much better.

The judge stated that based on evidence he had heard no one person could have done any better watching the children than their aunt did. The judge also went on to tell Usher's ex-wife that her caregiver standards were rather high and that most people have been watched by a grandmother or aunt. However, the judge did order Usher to keep his ex-wife informed of his whereabouts and who is caring for their children. According to Usher's emergency child custody hearing, he did wait an hour to inform his wife of his son's accident, but he stated that was because he had to respond to the emergency first.

Usher's ex-wife alleged that he does not inform her of changes to the children's caregivers or of anything that happens. However, Usher denies those allegations, stating that he sends her weekly emails with the children's activities outlined in them. He said he also tells her about doctors' visits, travel, summer camps and more. Usher's ex-wife filed for a custody modification back in May, but that case was not heard at the time she filed for the emergency custody.

Family law attorneys might be able to assist people with getting their child custody orders modified. An attorney might be able to sway the court to believe that placing the children in their client's care would be in the children's best interest.

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