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Former congressman seeks child support modification

Columbia residents may not realize that changes can be made to child support obligations even after a divorce is finalized. In some instances, the loss of a job or other financial hardship can make it impossible for a parent to stay current on their child support payments. In those instances, seeking a modification is wise.

A former congressman recently requested a modification. The politician lost his re-election bid last fall and has since remained unemployed. He is asking to have his child support obligation reduced to 20 percent of his income. Although he does not currently have any income, he says he anticipates he will be employed again in the near future.

This isn't the first time the former congressman has run into problems with his child support obligations. According to The Huffington Post, his former wife filed a lawsuit, claiming that he owed her more than $100,000 in child support despite loaning money to his campaign and taking overseas vacations. Nearly a year ago, a judge dismissed the lawsuit. The family later released a statement which indicated that the former congressman had never fallen behind on child support.

Although the former congressman has been criticized, his choice to request a modification is a better alternative than falling behind on child support. People in Missouri and beyond have faced financial difficulties in recent years. Many people find themselves in tough financial situations at no fault of their own, as the former congressman claimed. A modification to current child support obligations may help some parents get back on their feet.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Joe Walsh Child Support: Ex-Tea Party Rep Says He Can't Afford Payments Post-Congress," Feb. 12, 2013