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Study shows link between heavy drinking and divorce

Most couples enjoy having a drink together every once and awhile. However, a new study shows that heavy drinking raises a couple's risk of divorce.

Close to 20,000 couples were studied over a 15-year time period. Researchers found that heavy drinking is a factor in a lot of divorces. In particular, a woman's drinking habits appear to have a greater effect on a couple's marriage.

"The risk of divorce is estimated to be tripled when the husband's level [of] drinking is low and the wife's drinking is heavy, compared with couples where both drink lightly," one researcher said.

Alcohol consumption is just one factor in a couple's marriage. Couples in Columbia and others living elsewhere may face others struggles. For instance, couples may face challenges when it comes to money and parenting. Over time, couples may even find that their priorities have changed.

People may be under the false assumption that marriage is easy. However, as we've discussed in other blog posts, maintaining a marriage can be challenging. For some couples, there may come a time when it becomes clear that they can no longer remain together.

Couples who decide to pursue a divorce may feel an array of emotions. They may be sad, angry, scared and overwhelmed, especially if they have children together or share a number of high-value assets.

Because it can be an emotional time as couples are going through a divorce, it is best to rely on an experienced legal professional to help sort through a variety of matters. An attorney will work hard to settle matters in a fair and equitable manner.

Source: Fox News, "Heavy drinking raises risk of divorce," Stephanie Pappas, Feb. 6, 2013