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Football star and estranged wife will share custody, judge rules

When parents in Columbia and others elsewhere divorce, they often must settle child custody and child support issues. Parents only want what is best for their children. It is for that reason why child custodymatters can become heated and emotional.

Former football great Deion Sanders and his wife Pilar have been involved in a tumultuous divorce. Each parent asked for sole custody of their three children. However, recently, a judge determined that the parents will share custody of their children, ages 9 to 12.

The parents will alternate weeks. However, the former football player will determine the children's primary residence as well as make decisions regarding their education.

It appears the couple has a lot of other matters to sort through. Their divorce trial is scheduled to begin in March.

Children need to be raised in a safe and healthy environment. Parents should do all that they can to give their children a normal life. Therefore, custody matters should be settled with the best interests of the child in mind.

Going through a divorce can be scary and overwhelming. Those feelings may only grow when couples have children together. In some instances, parents may disagree on what is best for their children.

In order to come to resolutions that are fair for everyone involved and that put the best interests of the child first, parents would be wise to work with an experienced attorney. After all, family law matters are critically important. Although a divorce can be challenging for parents and children, working through issues in a timely manner may benefit everyone in the end.

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