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Is the seven-year itch inevitable?

Some may wonder whether divorce is inevitable. People in Columbia have likely heard of the seven-year itch. However, a 1999 study shows that couples may even begin to feel less satisfied in their relationship after four years.

A professor at Wright State University conducted a study and found that couples may have feelings of dissatisfaction after four and seven years of marriage. The professor also found that having children may cause couples to feel less satisfied earlier in their relationship compared to couples without children.

To add to that, a 2012 study found that couples with children are more likely to end their marriage after just three years. In fact, almost half of the couples studied said having children negatively affected their marriage. This phenomenon may be due to the fact that fewer couples are getting married early in life and when they do find the right person they are jumping into marriage more quickly.

On the other hand, another study conducted in 2010 showed that couples are more likely to divorce after 12 years of marriage. After surveying law firms, researchers found that more couples are staying together for at least 10 years before going their separate ways.

Every couple's marriage is unique. Because of that there is no way to know how successful a couple's marriage will be. Special circumstances may keep couples together or drive them apart.

In any case, Columbia residents and others elsewhere would likely agree that marriage can be difficult. Challenges along the way may force couples to question whether they can remain together. There are times when seeking a divorce is best. Because complex issues have to be worked through as couples pursue a divorce, working with an experienced attorney is usually best.

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