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Protecting children during and after a divorce

A divorce not only affects each spouse. A divorce can also have a profound effect on children. When parents decide to separate, there are a variety of issues that need to be settled. Issues centered around children can be particularly emotional.

Conversations about child custody and child support can become heated. However, as we mentioned last week, parents should try to keep their emotions out of the discussions and focus on the best interests of the child.

In a recent news article, one woman and her sister came up with a list of ways parents can potentially damage their children during and after a divorce. The list was compiled on a 20-hour road trip as the sisters recalled their own divorce experience.

It may seem easy to blame a divorce on the other spouse. However, the sisters point out that that mindset may not lead to the most appropriate behavior. In addition, bashing a former spouse in front of children can be detrimental. Even after parents divorce, they each remain vital parts of a child's life. No child should have to choose which parent to side with.

Even though a divorce can cause parents to feel an array of emotions, parents should also do their best to remain calm around children. After all, children need to feel safe and protected.

Every divorce is different, and unfortunately, there is no one right way to handle a divorce. However, parents in Columbia and others elsewhere should make sure they are considering their children's feelings and their needs when decisions are made. In order to find solutions that are best for the parents and children, Missouri residents would be wise to work with an experienced divorce attorney.

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