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Charlie Sheen fights $55k a month child support payments

As Missouri residents may have heard, after an alleged drug relapse by his ex-wife and the mother of his two children, Charlie Sheen has taken action to get his monthly child support payments reduced. The famous actor has reportedly been paying Brooke Mueller $55,000 monthly in child support, but he filed a request on July 10 to modify this payment due to the fact that she is no longer caring for their two children. The boys were taken from the woman's care by Child Protective Services and are presently in the care of Denise Richards, another ex-wife of the actor.

Sheen acknowledges that he has more than adequate income to provide child support to his ex-wife, but he states that the amount calculated for child support is far more than is necessary for the actual care of his children. He asserts that he is already paying for many of the items that the two children need, including medical and educational expenses.

Sheen cited his former co-star Jon Cryer as an example of someone else who had a child support modification. Cryer was paying $10,000 a month to his ex-wife, but he had the amount reduced to $8,000 after she was accused of child abuse. In addition to this, Sheen has stated that he is still paying $30,000 monthly for the house that Mueller lives in, and he gave her $2 million in the divorce settlement.

Child support payments are usually based on the income of the person paying them, but Sheen's income is exceptionally high, which means that the standard payment calculations result in a payment that could be more than a child would ever need. In other cases, payment amounts could become a hardship in situations of job loss or chronic illness. Regardless of the circumstances, a family law attorney may be able to draft a reasonable payment modification for a non-custodial parent.

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