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Surrogacy Agreements in Missouri

Missouri is one of 30 states that has unclear or conflicting laws about surrogacy. Missouri law does not deal directly with the issue of surrogacy. The concern is that because the law is unclear, surrogacy agreements may be considered a violation of Missouri's child trafficking laws. Also, at this point in time the issue of surrogacy agreements involving lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individuals has not yet been considered by the courts.

This means that if you are considering a surrogacy agreement in Missouri, you must be aware that it is against the law to pay money for the delivery of a baby. The surrogacy agreement must be drafted carefully to ensure that the prospective parents have the security of knowing the child will be theirs when born, and that the surrogate's needs are handled appropriately in the event of a medical emergency.

Because this is an unclear area of the law, if you need a surrogacy agreement it is imperative that you talk to a specialized family law attorney who stays apprised of changes in the law and is familiar with what should and should not be included in these types of agreements. For more information please call Columbia Family Law Group today.