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Why College Kids need to keep their Parents informed

Missouri law surrounding payment of child support and college expenses for children between the ages of 18-21 is confusing. What we do know is that in order for a child to continue receiving child support or payment of college expenses by a parent that child must provide the paying parent with a class schedule showing full-time enrollment of at least twelve hours per semester and that at the end of each semester the child must provide the paying parent with a transcript showing the grades received for the prior semester and the classes enrolled in for the upcoming semester. A college aged child can take as few as nine hours per semester if they can prove that they are also working at least fifteen hours per week. The failure to provide this information can result in the child being considered emancipated for purposes of paying child support and contributing to college expenses.

So often the common thread of these types of cases revolves around the deteriorating or nonexistent relationship between the college age child and the parent expected to pay child support and contribute to college expenses. If you are the custodial parent or the college aged child wanting your parents to help you through college you must understand that not only do you have an obligation to provide this information in a timely manner but you also need to do everything possible to keep the paying parent informed of what's going on in your life. You have to provide this information and you must do it as soon as you have the information in hand. No parent wants to be viewed as merely a bank or lending institution and communication is the key to keeping these types of cases out of the court system.