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Uncontested Divorces in Missouri

Most of you think you have an uncontested divorce but you don't. What is an uncontested divorce? It means you agree on absolutely everything. For the most part, very few divorcing couples agree on everything because if they did, then they wouldn't be getting divorced in the first place.

Most attorneys will consider an uncontested divorce to be a case where only one attorney is involved. Please know that ethical divorce attorneys cannot represent both of you in a divorce. However, one of you can choose to be unrepresented, or pro se and you can still get divorced.

In order to have an uncontested divorce what must you agree on? You must agree on the following in order for your divorce to be considered uncontested:

  1. Division of all property-house, cars, retirement, household goods, and debt;
  2. Custody issues-who has the kids when, who makes decisions for the kids, holiday and summer schedule, where the kids go to school, and how decisions are handled as they relate to the children;
  3. Child support-how much per month, if any; paid at what time of the month, who provides health insurance, who and how daycare is paid, and the payment of uncovered medical expenses, activities, and college expenses;
  4. Maintenance-if paid and how much per month, when it ends;
  5. Attorney fees-who pays and how much.

If you truly agree on all of these things you might just have an uncontested divorce. To find out more contact a good lawyer at Columbia Family Law Group.