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All About Cheating

Because cheating comes up so often as a reason for divorce it's interesting to talk about it. A new survey out by YourTango.com suggests that the number one reason people cheat is emotional dissatisfaction. Is it possible that men cheat because they want someone to be buddy/buddy with and they're not getting that at home from their spouse? The number two reason is sexual dissatisfaction. With all of the divorce clients rolling in who aren't having sex this one wasn't hard to believe.

With respect to how many people are cheating the statistics are more unclear. It seems that the clinical research is fuzzy because people interviewed without family members around had higher rates of infidelity than those with family members present according to U.S. News and World Report. What we know is that no one wants to admit to cheating so it's impossible to get a good read on exactly how many people are doing it. The other interesting fact about cheating is that the reason why cheating is still such a big deal in divorce court is that a full 80% of Americans today say infidelity is "always wrong" and a full 99% of Americans say they expect their spouse to be faithful.

What can you do to keep your spouse from cheating? According to the YourTango.com survey the top two measures to prevent cheating are: 1) for both partners to feel valued and important to each other and 2) to have good communication. Great sex came in third. What if you're thinking about cheating or you already have? Get a good divorce lawyer because you're going to need one. Many prospective clients still want to take the cheater "to the cleaners" when it comes to divorce. Check out our website at www.columbiamolawfirm.com.