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How to Talk to Your Divorce Attorney

The number one way that attorneys screw up their own practice is by not communicating with their client. Clients, on the other hand, particularly in divorce cases often don’t understand or know how to communicate with their attorney. Here is what you should know about us.

Full-time family law lawyers commonly handle anywhere between 50-100 active and inactive cases at a time. Any one of these cases can flare up on a moment’s notice and oftentimes more than one case flares up on the same day. An old client might return with an emergency that must be dealt with the very same day. A new client might also walk in the door creating an emergency situation that the attorney had no idea about when the day started. There are also court deadlines for filings and oftentimes those filings are incomplete or missing essential information that the attorney must get and include in the document before it can be filed with the court. The attorney may be in court but usually doesn’t know when court will be concluded in order to get back to the office to finish other work or meet with you.

What can you do? Don’t take it personally if your attorney can’t talk to you when you randomly call or show up at their office. Don’t take it personal if they are short with you on the phone. Find out by email, their assistant or by scheduling a time to talk with them when they have time to talk with you. Remember that when it’s your day in court you want their full attention and you want them to be prepared.

Don’t forget that attorneys bill you hourly. That means your time is better spent by writing all your questions down and making one phone call or sending one email as opposed to multiple calls and/or emails in the same day. Also remember that the more you call the less likely it is that you are allowing your attorney the time they need to actually work on the substantive matters in your case. Finally, make friends with the legal assistant in the office. Legal assistants bill at a lower hourly rate or not at all. They can provide you with copies of documents, inform you about court dates, pass messages to the attorney and generally ease your anxiety about your case.