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Tips about Attorney Fees

Here are some tips about Attorney Fees:

1. Ask upfront about your attorney's hourly rate and what you will be billed for. Never be afraid to ask the attorney to work on a slightly lower hourly rate at the beginning of the case.

2. Ask the attorney for a best and worst case number on the total fee bill. We can't predict who the other side will hire, how you and your spouse will behave during the course of the case, and the judge who will hear your case. These are three big factors that we don't have control over but which do have a significant impact on how much it will cost you to get divorced.

3. Ask the attorney what you can do to keep the bill down. I can't tell you how much time my staff and I spend organizing and sorting documents dropped off in boxes, huge expandable files and the like because clients drop off documents in no particular order, without copies being made and then expect us to sort through and organize it for them. We do bill you for that.

4. If you see that you are going to have trouble paying your bill be proactive and talk to your lawyer about it. If you wait to talk to me or avoid talking to me about a bill that you cannot pay as your attorney I am likely to withdraw because I assume you don't want to pay me.

5. Pay something even if it's not the entire balance owed. I am more willing to work with you if you send me small monthly payments every month without fail than if you fail to pay me at all.