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Why Can't We Share a Lawyer?

One lawyer cannot represent both the Husband and Wife in a divorce action. It is unethical. Imagine a pitcher also trying to play the position of catcher. It just can’t be done. What about my friend who says they are only using one lawyer for everything associated with his/her divorce?

If one lawyer is being used then that lawyer is only representing one of you. The other party has no lawyer. It is possible to only use one lawyer when there is a clear understanding on the settlement issues and no children are involved. However, if you have children you should always consider obtaining your own lawyer. Keep in mind that the judge has no legal obligation to point out where the person who is unrepresented is getting a raw deal. You proceed at your own peril if you don’t have a lawyer. It may be okay if you have no children and very little property and there is a very clear understanding of the agreement being reached. However, if this isn’t you consider obtaining your own attorney.