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  • Reasons Why You Need a Modification
    Reasons Why You Need a Modification

    Reasons why you need a modification You are the paying parent but now your child lives with you Your income decreases substantially (unless you voluntarily quit your job) Your child’s needs have ...

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  • Setting Aside Prenuptial Agreements
    Setting Aside Prenuptial Agreements

    For whatever reason, you don’t like the prenuptial agreement that you agreed to when you married your spouse. Can you get it set aside? What does the court consider in determining whether to set it ...

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  • Be Wary of your Judge
    Be Wary of your Judge

    In the news recently was an article talking about a Kentucky Family Court judge who refused to hear adoption cases involving gays and lesbians. There was an ethics complaint filed against him and this ...

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  • Tips for Finding the Right Divorce Attorney
    Tips for Finding the Right Divorce Attorney

    What do divorce lawyers really say about who to hire? I stole this from freedmarcroft.com but have added my own commentary. Look for a Divorce Attorney Focused on your Goals . This is absolutely true. ...

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  • Really Bad Divorce Advice
    Really Bad Divorce Advice

    We're so often telling clients (and readers) what to do that I thought it might be time to just give some really bad divorce advice. What follows are some tips and tricks that clients often come in ...

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  • What Not to Wear in Court
    What Not to Wear in Court

    If I didn't see both clients and attorneys wearing such crazy clothes in court this article would never have been written. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the client charged with felony ...

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