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Tips for Finding the Right Divorce Attorney

What do divorce lawyers really say about who to hire? I stole this from freedmarcroft.com but have added my own commentary.

  1. Look for a Divorce Attorney Focused on your Goals. This is absolutely true. Any lawyer that tells you how you should handle your divorce at the initial consult isn’t your lawyer. Pay attention to whether the lawyer really listens to what you have to say or whether they do all the talking. Did he or she ask you what your goals were? In order to really do a good job the divorce lawyer has to know what your goals are and how you want to approach this divorce.
  2. Meet with a Divorce Attorney that specializes in family law. If your divorce attorney is a general practitioner that handles criminal, civil, bankruptcy and family law then this really isn’t the attorney for you. Every divorce is different. Divorces can be complicated or become complicated very quickly. If you hate Walmart for buying groceries then you’ll hate the general practitioner for your divorce.
  3. Be wary of lawyers that advertise a lot. If your lawyer advertises a lot via billboards, tv, radio, and social media ads that should be concerning to you. The bulk of our business comes from referrals via judges, other lawyers, and old or existing clients. If your lawyer has to advertise a lot to get business that should tell you that former clients aren’t very happy with your attorney and you won’t be either.
  4. Vibe and Compatibility. Did you feel like you could really talk to this lawyer or were you afraid to ask the embarrassing questions? If you didn’t feel like you could talk to the attorney then it doesn’t matter how good their resume is. You must feel like you can trust this lawyer, not be embarrassed to ask questions, and also be able to challenge your attorney when you don’t understand or disagree with his or her opinion. The best attorney client relationships are those where clients aren’t afraid to share, question, or have input on the process.