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What Not to Wear in Court

If I didn't see both clients and attorneys wearing such crazy clothes in court this article would never have been written. What am I talking about?

I'm talking about the client charged with felony drug possession who shows up to court in a t-shirt with a marijuana leaf on it. I'm also referring to the individual accused of arson who has a matchbook clipped to his belt. How about the guy with an unlawful weapons charge who has a t-shirt professing a love of guns? The guy accused of being violent who manages to forget to leave his knife in the car. The wife accused of an affair who is showing too much cleavage. The wife asking for maintenance who has her hair perfectly coiffed, manicured nails, and an expensive suit and shoes worth more than her monthly mortgage payment.

I'm also referring to the attorney who isn't dressed as well as his or her client. The female attorney with too high heels, too much makeup and a low-cut top. The male attorney with a Hawaiian print shirt and deck shoes. The male attorney wearing sneakers with a shirt and tie. So, goes my rant about all I have seen in court.

If you are going to court, you need to respect the forum you are appearing in. Not having money to buy a suit is no excuse. Every person, regardless of income, status, or color can show up in court looking clean and neat. If you don't have dress pants don't buy them for court. But, do show up in your best pair of blue jeans and the nicest shirt you own. If your brother died you wouldn't wear a t-shirt to his funeral so don't dress that way for court. Take a shower. Comb your hair. Don't wear anything with holes or words. Don't wear wrinkled clothing or clothes that are too tight and reveal too much. Go light on the perfume and keep all your private parts well covered. If your attorney dresses this way, then get a new attorney. If you are better dressed than your attorney, then also get a new attorney. There are important matters being decided by the court you are appearing in front of, so you owe it to yourself and everyone else to have some respect and dress appropriately.