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Social Media-Yes, what you post will be used against you

I’ve heard the argument before. Why don’t I have the right to post what I want online? If I’m posting to just my friends on Facebook why does my former spouse who hacked my account to get the information, then get to go into court and use the information?

The short answer is that there is no expectation of privacy when you post something online. Furthermore, courts have held that evidence that is publicly available, even if obtained informally, may be gathered freely and used in any matter allowed under the law.

Online blogs and social media have cost parents custody of their children, formed the basis for granting orders of protection, and also supported awards of attorney’s fees in high conflict cases.

What is the answer? Don’t post anything you don’t want the judge to read. This includes not only your own commentary but also pictures and comments on other people’s social media accounts. When in doubt just don’t.