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Modifying Child Support in Hard Economic Times

In Missouri, child support can be increased or decreased if you can prove that there has been a substantial and continuing change in circumstances which makes the current child support amount unreasonable.

If it has been three (3) years or more since your last child support order was entered, you can contact the Missouri Division of Child Support Enforcement to apply for a modification of your child support directly through the state. This route of modifying child support is free to the person modifying support, but it does generally take a minimum of nine months to accomplish.

If it has been less than three (3) years you need to contact an attorney about filing a motion to modify child support. Reasons people file motions to modify child support include:

  • Layoffs, terminations or involuntary decreases in pay.
  • Substantial increase in either party’s income because of a promotion or other change.
  • Increased costs associated with college expenses; and/or
  • A substantial change in the custody or visitation schedule.

You must prove there has been a substantial change in circumstances. This is proven by a combination of factors but generally by showing that the new child support amount is at least 20% higher or lower than the presumed correct old child support amount. Make sure you have a copy of your current court order and any old child support calculations when the amount was originally set.

If you think that there has been a substantial change which would justify modifying your child support, you should schedule a consultation with us directly on our website or by calling the office today. We do zoom, skype, and facetime appointments for your convenience.