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How to Change Your Name in Missouri

We often have clients who contact us for a name change. The filing fee in Missouri for a name change is $188.50. This fee is owed to the Circuit Clerk in the county where you live. We normally charge you a flat fee of $700 to handle all the paperwork, pay the filing fee, and represent you in court on your name change.

The paperwork for a name change is fairly simple. You must state under oath that you are not changing your name to avoid creditors and you must state your new name in the petition. We prepare the petition for you.

Within two to three weeks after everything is filed you must attend a short hearing on the actual name change and tell the judge why you want to change your name. After the hearing, your name change is published in the local newspaper for three weeks. Then, the name change becomes final. Once you receive the legal document formally changing your name you can take it to the Department of Motor Vehicles and obtain a name change on your driver’s license, social security card, and birth certificate.

For help with a name change please contact us—we can help.