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Should I Get a Second Opinion In My Missouri Divorce Case?

Your attorney isn’t getting back to you. There were mistakes in the documents filed with the court. You are starting to doubt whether you have the right attorney. When should you get a second opinion?

  1. When you disagree with your attorney. Maybe you disagree with the recommendation made by your attorney. Perhaps you have lost confidence or trust with your attorney. A second opinion can help clear up whether you have good reason to mistrust your attorney or whether the advice they are giving you is solid and needs to be followed.
  2. You want your case done and it’s not going anywhere. You can’t figure out why your case isn’t concluded. Your attorney refuses to set your case for trial. You get a second opinion because you might need a different attorney who is committed to concluding your case or at least giving you a path to resolution.
  3. Obtaining an objective point of view. Sometimes when we work with one attorney for a long period of time that attorney becomes biased towards you. In other words, it is common for attorneys to lose objectivity over time. Getting a second opinion can serve to check your attorney’s objectivity with respect to your case.
  4. Receiving confirmation of possible results. Maybe you just aren’t sure. A second opinion might reaffirm what the first attorney told you. Just like we don’t always rely on one doctor to give us life-changing information you shouldn’t always rely on one attorney for any advice that might be life-altering for you.
  5. Receiving an alternate explanation of a complex issue. Maybe you didn’t understand it the way your attorney explained it to you. Having a second set of eyes who can explain something in a different way is often helpful and results in you being able to agree and move on with your case.