Co-Mediators at the Columbia Family Law Group Let Our Attorney, Therapist Mediating Team Help Your Family

Co-Mediation: The Future of Family Law

Why co-mediate?

  • Two Sets of Skills - Two mediators, with different professions and skill sets offer the parties expertise in multiple arenas. We can offer you information about the legal process and the nuts and bolts of resolving your case through the court system. We have "been there, done that," and can share with you the practical outcome of taking your case to court.We can offer you observations and insights about the process aided by therapy skills. Our experience in resolving family conflicts through a family system's perspective is unmatched by any attorney.
  • Two Personalities - The success of mediation relies in part on the relationship between the mediator and the parties. Having two mediators creates a second opportunity for the mediators to connect with the parties and to build trust necessary to have a successful outcome. You may not like the personality of one mediator or you may feel like the mediator "doesn't get you" but if one mediator "doesn't get you" it is highly likely that the other one will.
  • Two Heads Are Better than One - Having two co-mediators means that there is a second person in the room observing the dynamics between the parties and a second opportunity for feedback that otherwise just isn't available.
  • It's Faster - The two mediators can divide tasks and be more efficient. We can hold separate caucuses and work individually with the parties to keep the momentum going and eliminate the waiting periods often endured when there is only one mediator. You may resolve your case even faster.
  • You Get a Lot for Your Money - For $300 per hour you are getting two professionals instead of one. The fees for each professional per hour are generally less than $300 but having them both in the room at the same time tends to lead to resolutions quicker than more individual sessions over time with each expert.

Who should co-mediate?

Co-mediation is recommended for high conflict custody cases, multi-party cases like grandparent visitation or guardianships, cases involving complex legal issues and where gender plays a role. Matters involving onlyproperty and potential support issues may not require a co-mediator, depending on the level of conflict between the parties. It is not uncommon that as you mediate it is necessary to move from the one mediator model to two as circumstances change or become clearer.

What does it cost?

The fees for co-mediation are $300 per hour. This covers the cost of both mediators while working in face-to-face sessions. Any phone calls, correspondence, and emails are billed separately from the face-to-face mediation sessions.

Why should you co-mediate?

Our goal is to tip the mediation odds in your favor in every way that makes sense for you and your family. Co-mediation is flexible, faster, invites more opportunity for problem-solving and creativity, and we believe our success rates are better than the one mediator model when it comes to more complex family law cases.

How do I schedule co-mediation?

You can contact Columbia Family Law Group at (573) 662-4514 in order to schedule your co-mediation session.

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