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Firm Overview

Columbia Divorce Attorneys Make a Difference Through Education

At Columbia Family Law Group, LLC, we are proud to say that we are highly specialized in family law and handle these types of cases almost exclusively. This experience, combined with the educational outreach services of our team, makes us different from other firms in the region. Our firm focuses on educating our peers and the Columbia community about family law issues, and we regularly host continuing education classes for lawyers on family law topics. At Columbia Family Law Group, LLC, the commitment we provide to our clients, community and industry peers has enabled us to earn a respectable reputation. We have become the trusted choice for families and couples facing a variety of legal concerns, and our Columbia divorce attorneys stand ready to assist clients throughout the entire legal process they face.

No other Mid-Missouri firm can hold a candle to the education and services that Columbia Family Law Group, LLC can provide to clients and legal peers. Our firm regularly speaks at bar meetings and holds counsel with other lawyers on family law topics. In addition to the legal field educational work that we do, we also participate in several community outreach programs in Columbia. When we say that we genuinely care about the best interests of children, we are not just saying the words without backing them up with actions; each year, we host a training event for licensed daycare providers on recognizing, reporting and responding to child abuse and neglect. Our firm believes strongly in educating others on recognizing child abuse and preventing injuries to children.

Columbia Family Law Group, LLC is also a part of the many local churches' DivorceCare classes. At these classes, which are held every 13 weeks, a representative from our firm speaks about mediation and the benefits of mediating a divorce instead of resorting to litigation. Our experience in family law extends beyond the walls of our office, and we are proud to be able to assist people in multiple areas of family law. We represent mothers and fathers, serve as court-appointed guardians ad litem, and are trusted mediators. The education courses we host, the community outreach we provide, and the training we implement make us stand out among other family law firms. It is clear to see that when you are in need of a trusted representative, there is no better place to turn than Columbia Family Law Group, LLC.

Trusted Legal Representation in the Mid-Missouri Region

If you are facing a legal concern, it is important that you immediately retain the representation of our team. We stand ready to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes for their particular family law concern. Time and time again, we have proved to be trusted legal counselors to the Columbia community by engaging our neighbors and colleagues in essential efforts to foster growth and communication while still providing our clients with strong representation. When we represent you, your specific needs will be addressed and a unique legal action will be implemented to help you achieve the result you need for your case. View the firm's profile at FindaFamilyAttorney.com.

For any family matter, do not hesitate to contact a Columbia family law attorney from Columbia Family Law Group, LLC today!

Why to Choose Us:

  • One certified mediator & one court-appointed guardian ad litem
  • Extensive experience handling family law issues
  • Not afraid to take on large and small cases alike
  • Can settle legal complications effectively outside of court or aggressively litigate on your behalf in a court of law

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