missouri separation

How Long Do You and Your Spouse Need to Separate Before Getting Divorced in Missouri?

When you’re unhappy in your marriage, filing for divorce can seem like the next logical step. But many couples end up separating before filing for divorce and formally dissolving their marriage. If you’re in Missouri, you may be wondering if separating is necessary before working with a Missouri divorce attorney. Here’s what you need to know.

missouri separation

There Are No Separation Requirements in Place

Though some states have laws that require couples to be separated for a set length of time before they can file for divorce, Missouri is not one of them. If you and your spouse want to end your marriage, you can make the decision without living apart for several months. But separation can be a good idea for many couples. 

The Benefits of Separating Before Filing for Divorce

Separating from your spouse allows the two of you to live apart for a while before filing for divorce. This does mean it will take longer for the two of you to formally end your marriage, but there are a few compelling reasons to separate before you file for divorce. Here’s what your Missouri divorce lawyers want you to know.

Gives You and Your Spouse Some Space

When you separate from your spouse before filing for divorce, you’re able to give the two of you some space before making a lasting decision. This is particularly helpful when you’ve been fighting with your spouse or have started to resent them to the point of being uncomfortable staying at home.

When you separate from your spouse and live apart for a while, you’re able to approach divorce negotiations with a calm mind. This can help you be better prepared and better able to make compromises as needed.

Helps You Make Sure Divorce Is the Right Option

By separating from your spouse, you may be able to gain a fresh perspective on your relationship. When you’re living apart, you’re better able to assess whether you and your spouse could reconcile or if you’ve truly grown apart. This gives you the time you need to make sure divorce is the right option for your situation.

Lets You Keep Health Insurance Until You’re Better Prepared

If you or your spouse are struggling with your health and don’t have insurance through work, separating may let you retain coverage until you can find a solution. When you divorce, you lose coverage if you’re under your spouse’s plan. 

Schedule an Appointment With a Missouri Divorce Attorney

Separating may not be legally required under Missouri law prior to getting divorced, but it can still be a beneficial part of the process. If you and your spouse are considering separating, working with an experienced Missouri divorce attorney who is familiar with legal separation can be a great place to start. 

At Columbia Family Law, our team understands that figuring out the next best step for your marriage can be difficult. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get the advice you need.