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Increasing numbers of women paying spousal support

Women in Missouri who have struggled to become high income earners may discover that in the case of a divorce, their success works against them. An increasing number of women involved in a high asset divorceend up being ordered by the court to pay their ex-husband alimony. Currently, 40 percent of women earn more money than their spouse, which means that they may be on the hook for spousal support if their marriage dissolves.

As gender roles have become less defined in marriages, there has been a call to end alimony. In addition to the fact that both men and women are unhappy at the idea of cutting checks for their ex, if people remarry, their new husband or wife may be supporting their ex. This has led to increased levels of animosity between those who pay and those who receive support.

The idea behind alimony was that one person, usually a woman, would end up staying home to look after children and the household. The person who stayed home would not have the benefits of a career and income, but they would be taken care of by alimony payments should the couple divorce. Since many families now have two income earners, many feel that alimony is increasingly outdated.

A lawyer may be beneficial during a divorce, especially if it is one that involves large amounts of assets. The more complicated that a couple’s finances are, the more contentious a divorce may become. A lawyer could help ensure that someone receives an equitable portion of marital assets and that an individual understands their rights and how state divorce laws may impact them.

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