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Late-life Divorce

The recent announcement of the Al Gore’s pending divorce has turned attention to the rise in late-life divorce. A couple divorced last year at the age of 98, becoming the oldest couple to divorce in the world. A recent article in the Times discusses the rate of divorce in the over-60 age group and examines reasons for the increase, such as:

  1. Higher incidence of young marriages in that age group;
  2. Longer life expectancy;
  3. Confidence and stubbornness that comes with age; and
  4. Changing role of women.

The article cites a study done by the AARP which found that 60 and 70-year-olds enjoy life after divorce more than any other age group. It just goes to show that when it comes to seeking more enjoyment in life, it never seems to be too late.

Source: “Divorce for Retirees?” by Robert M. Kisselburgh, published at his Mississippi Family Law Blog.