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Recent Poll Shows Possible Drop in Support of Supreme Court’s Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

The Associated Press has conducted an online survey to determine if supporters of same-sex marriage legalization were standing their ground amidst all the controversy and protests. The poll – which is detailed in full here – was held across five days in early July and used a sample size of 1,004 people; the answers of this group would then be extrapolated to represent the entire country. Once all the information was gathered, analysts were somewhat surprised, to say the least.

The data suggested that only about 42% of Americans considered themselves in full support of the United States Supreme Court’s ruling that legalized same-sex marriage across the country. Depending on which survey you reference, this number shows anywhere between an 8% to 18% drop in support since the beginning of the year.

Why Are People Changing Their Minds?

The answer might not be so simple. As support is seemingly falling away, opposition is not rising. Rather than changing their stances completely, it seems many people are currently reevaluating their opinions on the matter and are therefore “undecided.” The same poll also asked respondents which was more important for the federal government to protect: same-sex marriage rights or religious liberties. 39% said same-sex marriage rights while 56% chose religious freedoms.

Although the swing in support is unexpected, it does not have any actual sway over the legislation. The changes to marriage, divorce, and family law are already underway and same-sex couples are not in any immediate risk of losing their newfound rights.

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