father holding his child

The Red Flags of Parental Abduction

With today’s mobile society the Department of State identifies the following “red flags” or signs of risk as they relate to parental abduction. It may be a “red flag” if a parent has:

1. previously abducted or threatened to abduct the child which could be verbal threats or finding out through things the child says;
2. citizenship in another country and strong emotional or cultural ties to the country of origin;
3. friends or family living in another country; (or state)
4. No strong ties to the child’s home state;
5. A strong support network meaning people willing to help the abductor carry out his or her plans;
6. No financial reason to stay in the area;
7. Engaged in planning activities, such as quitting a job, selling a home, closing bank accounts, etc.
8. History of marital instability, lack of cooperation with the other parent, domestic violence, or child abuse.
9. Reacted jealously to or felt threatened by other parent’s remarriage or romantic involvement; or
10. A criminal record.

If you are concerned about parental abduction or child kidnapping these may be “red flags” that you really should be concerned about.