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Which Co-Parenting App Should I Use in Missouri?

There are now many co-parenting apps available to parents in Missouri. Here is a brief overview and our recommendations:

  1. Google or Outlook Calendar. This is the most basic shared calendar system that you probably already have. Gmail accounts are free and if you already use Gmail and don’t want any “extras” this might be the option for you. You get a shared calendar but that’s it.
  2. Cozi. Cozi was created for intact families first, not co-parenting but it is used for this purpose by many people. It has a shared calendar feature, allows parents to share to-do lists, school projects, shopping lists, recipes, and other information. It also has a family journal feature that allows parents to share milestones with the other parent. It has a free and premium version. If you aren’t up for paying any fees, then Cozi is probably your best option in terms of shared calendaring and additional features that are available for free.
  3. 2houses. This app has a shared calendar feature, to-do lists, document storage, and a secure system for communicating between parents. It also syncs with Google Calendar and Outlook. It has a free trial followed by a monthly subscription of $12.50. This app is designed more for co-parenting so for a nominal fee it’s not a bad app to consider.
  4. Coparently. This app uses color block coding to provide a quick view of visitation blocks over time. It has secure messaging, document storage, expense recording, and a directory for important phone numbers and email addresses. Parents can add the children to the account so they can send messages. Children’s accounts have limited access but are free. You can also give your attorney free access to your Coparently account. After a free trial, each parent must obtain a monthly subscription of $9.99 per month per parent. Coparently wins the silver medal in our category of co-parenting apps.
  5. Our Family Wizard. This is the gold medal or Cadillac of co-parenting apps and the one most recognized by family court judges. It has secure messaging, calendars, and document sharing. You can also give your attorney or judge access. Parents can submit expenses through this app for reimbursement. Our Family Wizard also has a “tone meter” which scans through message drafts and informs a user when it detects a negative tone and suggests nicer phrasings. Membership is based on an annual fee of $99 up to $119.97 depending on which package you choose. Children’s accounts are available for free.

If you have trouble communicating with the other parent of your child, or even if you don’t, a shared calendar is worthy of consideration.