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Holidays may be difficult for those who are newly divorced

When people in Columbia think about the holidays, they usually imagine a joyful time with family and friends. However, the holidays can also be a challenging time for some, especially those who are newly divorced.

People who are entering the holiday season as a single person for the first time in a long time may have to deal with a multitude of emotions. The sights and sounds of the holidays may trigger feelings of sadness, loneliness, anger and even anxiety. People should know that those kinds of feelings are normal.

In order to get through the holidays, people should create plans and know ahead of time that this year will be different from years past. It’s also important to be surrounded by supportive family and friends.

“You want friends who are going to build you up, who are going to listen to you and nurture you and take you to places that are good, safe places,” a marriage and family counselor recommends.

People should make a list of the usual holiday parties they go to and decide which gatherings to attend. In addition, they should decide what traditions to keep and what new ones to create.

No matter what time of year it is, going through a divorce can be difficult. When people in Columbia and others elsewhere get married they usually don’t expect that their marriage will end in divorce. Although it may present challenges along the way, getting a divorce may be the best option for some couples.

Source: The Columbia Daily Tribune, “Facing the holidays after a separation or divorce,” Kathy Leonard, Nov. 16, 2012