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Should couples wait until after the holidays to file for divorce?

The decision to pursue a divorce is not an easy one to make, especially for couples in Columbia with valuable assets, real estate or a family business. It may also be difficult to determine when to file fordivorce. Specifically, should couples wait until after the holidays to pursue a divorce?

Parents with young children may decide to wait until after the holidays to file for divorce. They may worry that filing before the holidays will ruin this special time of year for their children. If they choose to wait until after the holidays, though, they should be sure there isn’t obvious tension between them. After all, children are keenly perceptive.

Another reason parents may decide to hold off on a divorce filing is if they are concerned about sharing their children at the holidays or if there is a family trip planned.

On the other hand, some people simply cannot wait until the holidays are over to file for divorce. For some, it may be impossible to spend another holiday with their spouse and their spouse’s family. When that is the case, it would seem that divorce is their only option.

The decision to file for divorce is one that needs to be made on an individual basis. There are many things to consider and when to file and just one of them. However, when people do decide to file for divorce, working with an experienced attorney is often beneficial. An attorney can help couples sort through issues in a timely manner.

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