child support

Resources for Families Facing Legal Issues in Missouri: Support and Assistance

child support

Facing any kind of legal issue is difficult. There are so many nuances to figure out and staying on top of everything so you and your loved ones can reach a resolution can be overwhelming. While your Missouri family law attorney can help you navigate the process and represent your case, they’re not the only resource you have at your disposal. Here are a few other great resources you can reach out to for support.

Support for Victims of Physical Abuse

If you’re the victim of physical abuse or are trying to divorce an abusive spouse, speaking with an attorney is always a good idea. But before your appointment, you may want to reach out to these resources:

  • Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence: This organization connects those who reach out to local services across the state. Keep in mind that the organization does not operate 24/7. If you need emergency help, consider reaching out to a national hotline or contacting law enforcement. 
  • Safe at Home: The Safe at Home program helps you keep your private address safe and unsearchable through public records. This is especially helpful for individuals who have successfully gotten out of bad situations and need to preserve their safety for years to come.
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: This national hotline is available to individuals across the country, but can help put you in touch with local resources in Missouri. The hotline lets you connect with caring professionals via phone, text, or online chat. They can help you create a plan to get to safety and give you advice on how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Support for Adoptive Families

Here are a few resources for families who are preparing to adopt, just recently adopted, or who have taken custody of a child:

  • Child Care Aware of Missouri: The Child Care Aware of Missouri organization helps connect families with safe child care providers across the state. You’ll be able to find childcare as well as after-school programs for young children. This can be especially helpful if you’re having to spend time in court and need someone to watch your child.
  • Family Care Safety Registry: The Registry provides background information on caregivers families may consider working with. This helps you choose a provider that you can trust and feel confident in working with.

Support for Families Struggling Financially

If you’re struggling financially, getting legal support and help can take a toll on your finances. These are a few resources you could use to help:

  • Legal Services of Missouri: These legal services connect families who meet certain financial requirements with representation and legal help. There are offices for different regions in the state, so be sure to contact the organization that serves your county.

Get the Legal Help You Need

Families of all kinds deserve quality legal assistance when they need it. At Columbia Family Law, our experienced team understands that dealing with legal issues can feel overwhelming. We’ll work to represent your case and help you navigate the process with as little stress as possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.