What to Think About When Choosing a Guardian for Your Child

As a parent, you plan on always being there for your kids. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll always be there to take care of them. That’s why appointing a guardian for your child is so important. By appointing a guardian, you’ll know that someone you trust will be able to raise your child if you pass away unexpectedly or become physically unable to manage their care.

Their Financial Situation

Your chosen guardian should have the resources to adequately provide for your child if you’re unable to do so. Before you make your choice, consider your loved one’s financial situation. If they’re constantly struggling to pay their bills or make ends meet, making them your child’s guardian could put too much strain on their budget. Make sure the people you’re considering can adequately afford to care for your child.

Their Beliefs

If you’re like most parents, you want to pass on certain beliefs and values to your children. That’s why many parents should consider their chosen guardian’s belief system and values before appointing them to care for their child. If your guardian’s beliefs differ dramatically from your own, they may not be willing to teach your child the beliefs you hold dear. Look for someone whose beliefs and values closely align with your own so your child can have a consistent upbringing if you’re unable to care for them.

Their Age

If you’re unable to care for your child, you’ll want them to have someone they can rely on for years to come to raise them and care for them. That’s why choosing an elderly family member or loved one to be your child’s guardian may not be in their best interest. Try to choose someone younger who can be there in good health for your child at least until they’re an adult.

Their Parenting Skills

Though people without children can easily rise to the occasion and become fantastic parents, you’ll still want to consider each prospective guardian’s parenting skills before naming them. Consider how well they interact with your child and other children in their lives. Think about their ability to care for and mentor your child as they grow. Choose someone who you feel reasonably confident in, even if they might seem like a non-traditional choice.

Their Willingness to Raise Your Child

Guardians need to be willing to raise your child before you can appoint them. Don’t hesitate to ask each person you’re considering for the role. Make sure they’re willing to become a guardian to your child if you’re unable to care for them or if you pass away unexpectedly. If they say yes, you can appoint them with help of your Missouri family law attorney. But if they say no, you’ll want to look for someone else. 

Ready to Appoint a Guardian?

Appointing a guardian should be part of your estate planning efforts whether you have one child or several. But to make sure everything is taken care of and your chosen guardian can immediately assume care for your child if something happens to you, you’ll want to work with an experienced Missouri family law attorney. At Columbia Family Law, we’re here to help. Contact us to schedule a consultation.