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Man arrested for failing to pay child support for more than 10 years

In Missouri, child support is determined by looking at a number of factors. For instance, courts may consider each parent’s income. They may also factor in whether a parent is paying child support for another child as well as who will provide the child with health insurance. The number of nights a non-custodial parent will spend with their child may also be considered.

Child support payments are important. However, the goal in setting child support payments is to create a situation that is fair for both parents involved and to provide children with the proper necessities.

People in Columbia should be aware that child support can be modified even after a divorce is finalized. If one parent loses their job, for instance, they may experience a significant decrease in their monthly income. In those situations, a modification may be granted.

One recent news story shows what can happen when people fail to pursue a modification and simply stop making child support payments. Authorities recently arrested a man for allegedly failing to pay more than $1 million over the last 10 years.

The man has three children from two different marriages. Authorities believe he was living in Thailand. He was arrested in the Philippines in November and deported back to the United States. The federal government reportedly listed him as one of their most wanted for failure to pay child support.

When non-custodial parents fail to make child support payments in a timely manner, it is the child that often suffers the most. People who are concerned about being able to make their monthly payments would be wise to consult with an experienced attorney to determine if a modification may be appropriate.

Source: The Associated Press, “Feds say NY man owes $1 million in child support,” Dec. 18, 2012