Why Choose the Columbia Family Law Group? We Have Over 35 Years of Experience to Help You Handle All Your Family's Legal Matters

Why Choose Columbia Family Law Group, LLC

Dedicated Representation from Skilled Columbia Divorce Attorneys

Are you facing a family law concern? It may feel like your life is spinning out of control, especially considering that most people have little experience dealing with Missouri family laws. At Columbia Family Law Group, LLC, we understand that you are seeking a swift resolution to your case, and our team is ready to provide you with the best possible representation for your individual needs. At our firm, we have over 35 years' combined experience handling a variety of family law cases, and retaining our services can significantly increase your chances of obtaining a favorable resolution to your case. We dedicate our time to providing legal counsel for family law concerns and helping our community understand these issues, so you can rest assured that your case will be in good hands. If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact a Columbia divorce attorney from our team as soon as possible.

At Columbia Family Law Group, LLC, we have one certified mediator and one court-appointed guardian ad litem that can help your family. Our attorneys have served in all aspects of family court litigation proceedings. A guardian ad litem is a court-appointed individual who represents the interests of children, infants and unborn children in family law cases. We also serve as a neutral third party in the mediation of family law cases. Our experience in all three roles makes Columbia Family Law Group, LLC uniquely qualified to handle your case because we understand the multiple functions we can provide in family court. Our firm also knows how to advocate on your behalf to the guardian ad litem, for example. Additionally, we know how the guardians ad litem will investigate a case and we can fully prepare you for mediation by knowing and addressing the questions that will be asked.

Unlike other large firms that are only looking for a quick dollar, Columbia Family Law Group, LLC is committed to ensuring that each client receives the outcome that they deserve. We represent families facing a diverse range of legal complications, from divorce to modifying an existing decree. Our team also provides services for people interested in surrogacy and expanding their family through adoption. Our strategy is to effectively represent clients so that they are able to achieve the best possible outcome in the most time-efficient manner available. Columbia Family Law Group, LLC has a reputation for being a no-nonsense firm that offers aggressive representation and educational counsel, and working with our team could make all the difference in your case. If you are facing any type of family law situation, the experienced Columbia Family Law Group, LLC attorneys may be able to help, so we urge you to contact our team right away.

Retain Dedicated Counsel in Columbia, Missouri

Family law cases can be emotionally charged, and navigating the Missouri legal system and be overwhelming. In order to ensure that you reach an amicable resolution, it is always encouraged that you speak with a trusted Columbia family law attorney. By retaining the representation of our team, you can be assured that all that can be done will be done for your case. Our approach is to make sure that each client's goals are in order and focus on a strategy that is unique to their situation. We use technology to better serve clients, such as with the convenience of online billing. Our firm's continual community outreach keeps us involved and up to date with Columbia residents and fellow attorneys. Through this participation, we have been able to develop a deeper understanding for our clients' needs.

If you are interested in working with Columbia Family Law Group, LLC, contact the firm today to speak with a dedicated legal representative.

Why to Choose Us:

  • Our team includes both certified mediators and court-appointed guardians ad litem.
  • Extensive experience handling family law issues
  • Not afraid to take on large and small cases alike
  • Can settle legal complications effectively outside of court or aggressively litigate on your behalf in a court of law

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